SafetyMails is a validation and verification tool for email lists and registration forms and landing pages (real time). We offer two types of integrations with RD Station: ✅ Real time protection for registration forms and Landing Pages The integration is ready to verify an email address typed in a landing page and, if necessary, the user is immediately prompted to fix it. Just in a few seconds, avoid bad email addresses such as invalid, disposable and spamtraps in your registration forms. ⚡ Lead synchronization: All new leads added to you RD Station account will be enriched with several email addresses verification data (such as invalid, scraped, disposable, domains errors, and others). Right after activating the feature you can create your own segmentation in RD Station account, using the fields given by SafetyMails to remove unwanted records or to select the most suitable leads for you email marketing relationship campaigns. Don't let your email marketing deliverability and convertion sink because of invalid and harmful email addresses 😉 Create a free account and activate the trial to earn 1,000 free credits. RD Station customers have a 20% off coupon!
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

  • Created by: SafetyMails

  • Website

  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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