Today, marketing leaders need robust tools to optimize and personalize every interaction while engaging users to build significant and lasting relationships. Arena offers the full solution to engage, understand, and turn your users into paying customers. With this Arena integration, you can: • Synchronize arena personas audiences to RD station • Receive conversion events automatically from Arena to your RD Station contacts Harness the power of your customer data With our Personas - a tool that gives you a single view of your customers, gathering data from different touch points - we bring data enrichment to your user profiles. Get an all-embracing customer analysis, predictive insights, and the power to personalize every interaction. Full Integration When your user completes a purchase, we automate the conversion event, and synchronize all the data with RD station. All our data is automatically sent to your RD account, where you can use for the creation of campaigns like email marketing, push and in-app notifications, automated messages, and more.
  • Languages: Portuguese, English

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  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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