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CRM SalesUp! ® an easy way to organize and create extraordinary relationships with your clients in a more effective way.

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The ready to use CRM! Your sales process with the indicators and best practices that will accelerate the results of your team.

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Sugar CRM

SugarCRM enables your sales teams to bring valuable and memorable experience to your customers, based on predictive insights.

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Integrate your TISAÚDE patient registry with the RD Station Marketing Leads database.

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Totvs Construção Portal de Imóveis

TOTVS Construção Portal de Imóveis is a platform with web access for the commercial management of your real estate portfolio

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Technology platform for real estate containing CRM, APP, Rental Management, Finances Management and Sites

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Vtiger Sales CRM

Vtiger CRM connects sales, marketing and technical support teams with RDSM so they can collaborate seamlessly.

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Zoho CRM

With RDSM and Zoho CRM you keep information in sync between your marketing and sales team.

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