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Ploomes is a complete CRM, designed to be the main sales and customer relationship tool for companies. Beyond its standard CRM functions and sales pipeline, it counts with quote requesting automations, document creation and digital signatures. Organize your Sales Team With the sales pipeline and your records history, metrics analysis and sales operation management becomes much more effective! In addition, each business can be assigned to different salespeople, allowing them to be remembered whenever there is a task related to that negotiation. Create Proposals, Quote Requests and Documents within Ploomes With the document automation functions, you can create quality files within the CRM. Incredible templates and possibilities are available to automate the creation of business proposals, quote requests, contracts, terms of service and more! Work with RD Station and Ploomes as one The integration between the two platforms allows a lead created in the RD Station to be sent to Ploomes with specific conditions, such as opportunity tags or new leads converted. Besides that, there is the option to update leads in the RD Station when an action is registered in Ploomes, such as changing the lead status in the lead to the client pipeline at RD Station when it has a sale registered in Ploomes, including updates in the value of the sale.
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