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RD Station CRM

RD Station CRM


RD Station CRM helps you organize and control your sales process: It automatically records your interactions with contacts, reminds you and your team of follow-ups and centralizes all information in one place. Create your account now. The tool is free and features unlimited users, businesses and contacts. Native integration By connecting RD Station Marketing and RD Station CRM, you have more information to make smarter decisions, demonstrating the return of your marketing campaigns and improving your performance in both marketing and sales. All marketing contacts and their respective records automatically appear in RD Station CRM reports. This way, you can increase predictability in your sales and improve performance. The marketing team can also optimize campaigns based on sales generated and create new actions segmented according to information such as 'reason for lost' or product purchased.
  • Languages: Portuguese

  • Created by: Developers Portal RD

  • Website

  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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