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SWONKIE is a Social Network Management platform that allows users to manage all their activity in all social networks by using a single interface, saving time and minimizing administrative work. Swonkie is a very intuitive tool to use daily: πŸ‘‰ Create, share and evaluate your social networks performance πŸ‘‰ Schedule your posts πŸ‘‰ Post in all your social networks πŸ‘‰ Get access to performance dashboards πŸ‘‰ Follow your competitors activity πŸ‘‰ Get access to team management tools πŸ‘‰ Integration with Websites and Blogs πŸ‘‰ Reply to Facebook Messages and Instagram DM πŸ‘‰ Create and schedule your Instagram Stories The best tool to help Brands, Businesses and Agencies to boost engagement and improve their results in Social Networks.

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Etus is a Social Media management tool.

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Automate pre-service and do not miss any opportunity! Messenger is a complete tool for creating and managing multi-channel chatbots.

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Create an Advocate Marketing program and scale your customer engagement.

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