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With Magento Commerce, you are supported by a global ecosystem of traders, partners and developers. Expand Your Relationship Strategies From Lead Management, Automation and sending email campaigns from RD Station Marketing, you extend the possibilities of relationships with the leads of your ecommerce. Explore New Usage Cases Magento has numerous plugins that help you in every kind of need a ecommerce can have. Because it is an open source platform, any developer can create a custom plugin for your use case. Advanced Segmentations With the latest version of the integration, you can create more customized Segmentations and Automations, including a Workflow Automation for shopping cart abandonment, or Automations to sell other products to those who just bought, for example.
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

  • Created by: Nação Digital

  • Website

  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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