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Digital Manager Guru 2.0

Digital Manager Guru 2.0


Digital Manager Guru is one of the greatest allies of your digital business! Through the platform, you can sell, analyze, manage and integrate the entire online sales process in one place. By integrating the Digital Manager Guru into the RD Station, you will have the benefits bellow: Enrich your database: The more a company knows your customers, more it increases your chances of attracting leads and generating business. By integrating Guru with RD Station, you have access to more detailed information about potential leads and customers, making your database more complete and effective. Target your customers by purchasing profile: Use the Guru to create custom tags with your customers' most important data, such as frequency of purchase and amount spent. From the tags you can learn which leads are the most converting and the most effective ads and create unique campaigns for this audience. Create buying behavior histories: Map the entire purchase journey your customers make using Guru and import the data into the RD Station. Use your e-mail base in your favor: Do you have any difficulty to realize the effectiveness of your e-mail base? By integrating with Guru you can find out exactly how many (and which) sales come from customers already registered.
  • Languages: Portuguese

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  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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