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Loja Integrada by Pluga

Loja Integrada by Pluga


Mark the Leads that are already customers. When a Lead buys from your company, mark the sale automatically at RD Station and understand which marketing channels bring the most return to your business. You can also create a conversion event in that Lead's history and target only those who are already customers. This allows you to create campaigns for repurchase. Synchronize the information between Loja Integrada and the RD Station Marketing. Get the data from your Leads purchases to keep them in the correct Automation Workflow and use different communications for each phase of the purchase journey. Create Email Workflows for customers who have not paid yet. If the customer bought but is taking a long time to pay, send an email to him and stop losing money when someone buys from your store and forgets to pay. The same goes for those who canceled a purchase. Optimize your Ecommerce shopping experience. Enhance your customer experience with emails sent by our Marketing Automation Workflow. Example: "Thank you for shopping with us!".
  • Languages: Portuguese

  • Created by: Pluga

  • Website

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