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Turn your consumers into Leads at the right time. Any new customer in your store can be converted into Lead at any stage of the purchase process, from the register in your store to the confirmation of payment of the order. Multiple ways to capture your Leads. You can enable Leads conversion in your store via the newsletter form, contact us form or when they ask you a product question. Set the right time to mark and unmark an opportunity. You can choose the stage of the purchase process, from the order to the payment confirmation, where your store will tell to RD Station Marketing that a Lead is an opportunity or not. Closing opportunity. Mark a sale when the order is finalized or when you have the payment confirmation and mark a lost sale when an order is canceled. Real-time Tracking Your Leads. All pages visited by your site visitor will be logged in the RD Station Marketing Lead Tracking.

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Loja Integrada is a Brazilian platform for the creation and management of ecommerces. With a few clicks, you can create your online store and start selling.

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Social Miner is a platform that uses IA to engage consumers and increase sales through humanized marketing.

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AGEC is a flexible ecommerce platform to start and grow your online sales.

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