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Dismiss the help of the technical team With our plugin for Wordpress, you just need one click to connect your site to RD Station. Our Tracking Code, Forms Integration and Pop-up features will be available on your site without having to edit your source code. Learn where your visitors come from and where they are heading to Once the Tracking Code is enabled, you will be able to know the source of your Leads and which pages they have visited, even before the first conversion. So your company can analyze which channels have a better performance and which behaviors encourage Leads to close a sale. Generate Leads using existing forms If you already have some forms on your site, you can start generating Leads using the data that the users filled out. After we receive the first data, you can manage the integration of your forms through RD Station Marketing. Use pop-ups on your site and turn your visitors into Leads Pop-ups are the ideal tool to convert visitors that are about to leave your site without providing their data so that your company can use them in Digital Marketing actions. After installation, the plugin will display the Pop-ups on the configured pages, allowing you to have new Leads conversions for your account.
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

  • Created by: RD Station

  • Website

  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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