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Make your Blog Posts available through audio More than 70% of people with Internet access can't read everything they'd like on the Internet. Therefore, we are born to help blogs and websites in general to boost and facilitate the consumption of their content through audio. We offer an audio platform specially designed for blogging and content websites to make available, next to their texts, a version of the content narrated by human voice, resulting in a greater engagement of visitors. No time to read, you can hear! By our platform, you can track all the results of engagement and consumption of your audio posts, such as total reproductions, complete reproductions, among others. Capture the leads that listen to your posts Additionally, our system offers a lead capture and monitoring solution by our player that can be integrated into the RD Station. When publishing audio posts with our embeddable player on your pages, you can enable capture of leads for every content you want. Done this, when a visitor engages with the player and press play, you will be prompted for your email. Once the visitor fills your email, it no longer needs to fill it in other audio posts of your account. The conversion is logged on our platform, and if you integrate with RD station, your leads will automatically go to your RD station account. After capturing, we are following the lead with monitoring of the leads, recording the consumption of their audio posts for each lead. Namely, when a lead hears a post your, you know when he listened, that post listened and how long the post the person heard. In this way, you can evaluate the engagement and step of a lead funnel with more precision. What data is sent to RD Station? Currently, we send the lead email, conversion time and conversion content. Soon we will send more information, as time consuming content.
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