Send the contacts to RD Station Marketing Once you get the contacts with Resultys, send them to RD Station Marketing and create Automation Flows to help advance those potential customers on the Costumer Journey. Customize communications Within Resultys, it is possible to obtain data such as a the invoicing of a company, segment, number of employees, etc. Use this information to create campaigns that are specific to each company profile, improving your conversion rate. Create interest Outbound Leads may already have the customer profile that your business seeks, but they have not yet developed interest in buying. Bring these Leads into RD Station Marketing and build a journey to create interest in your product or service.
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  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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Record your meetings in your lead history

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Increase productivity and conversion of operations from Inside sales Simplify your operation from Inside sales and bring more productivity to your sales team, with Meetime you can manage your prospects, make calls on the platform, make online demonstrations and track the results to optimize your processes. With the integration, you can send your Qualified Leads directly to Meetime, and from there your company can contact them in a simple and efficient way. With the latest version of the integration, you can send custom fields that you create in Meetime to RD Station Marketing. We've also introduced a new authentication, making your sales operation more secure.

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With the PhoneTrack you manage phone leads, measure marketing campaigns, monitors and trains the sales team.

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