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Speed Up your sales process The Ramper is the automation software for B2B sales prospecting that increases lead generation via outbound without overburdening the sales team with low-value activities linked to prospecting – how to feed spreadsheets and make cold calls. With the Ramper the team is focused on high value activities-like visiting clients, presenting the solution, negotiating proposals, etc. Ramper helps your company's sales area to: -Expedite the construction of segmented prospecting lists, and expand the company's Contacts Horizons beyond networking and CRM contacts through the capture of contacts on LinkedIn, with corporate e-mail-and still name, position and company; - Scale the prospecting approaches, as it works integrated into the email account of the professionals who prospected and facilitates the sending of hundreds of personalized emails per day, with programming of intelligent cadences and automation of follow-ups; - Enable process analysis with all track record of each contact, segmentation, template, cadence and user, with cold mail statistics as aperture rate, response rate and conversion into leads; - Feed the CRM (Pipedrive, Agenr, Nectar, among others) with ready-to-go leads to sales, as well as send to the RD Station those contacts that still need to be nourished by marketing before advancing. The Ramper was developed on top of the concepts of the book Predictable Revenue (in Brazil, predictable recipe), by Aaron Ross. In addition to the software, the Ramper team provides education and support through onboarding and customer success services for the customer to apply the methodology and achieve results.
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