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Manage long and complex sales processes Organize your sales process through the Pipedrive, with it is possible to plan everyday activities so that no business falls into oblivion and accompanying all interaction with the customer since first contact. Accelerate your process and facilitate your sellers ' day-to-day When integrating with Pipedrive, when a lead becomes qualified, it will automatically be created in the Pipedrive so that your sales team can start working with it. Keep RD Station updated With this integration whenever a business is gained in the Pipedrive your lead is marked as a client in the RD Station, maintaining the status of the updated data. If the business is lost it will also be updated and you can create automation workflow to nurture these leads until they are ready for purchase.

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Salesforce is a corporate platform to manage your sales and post-sales. Automate tasks, integrate and support managing the sales, marketing, and customer service areas.

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Moskit CRM

Moskit is a CRM focused on the increase in sales productivity and funnel management.

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