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Omie is organized through visual processes that facilitate control of your company. It features CRM, electronic invoice, service invoice, purchasing and inventory management, financial management and accounting dashboard modules. The CRM module can be integrated with RD Station Marketing, for customer and Sales Opportunity management. Integration allows Opportunities generated in RD Station Marketing to be sent directly to the CRM. If the Lead owner field has been filled in, the seller responsible will be directly notified in Omie's CRM. You can also choose the funnel and stage within the CRM to which the Opportunity will be directed. Following conclusion of the sales process, the data is sent back to RD Station Marketing. When an Opportunity is earned, the integration returns the sale amount and updates the values of the Custom Fields in RD Station Marketing. In the case of a lost Opportunity, the reason is updated in a custom field, allowing you to create a Workflow Automation to retrieve the lost Opportunity.
  • Languages: Portuguese

  • Created by: Omie

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