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Sales Process from Leads generated in RD Station Marketing The integration between softwares allows the Opportunities generated in the RD Station Marketing to be sent directly to the CRM, either by conversion or Opportunity marking, creating a new Prospect in the CRM Gluo. RD Station Marketing Update from an Opportunity earned in CRM By completing the sales process in Gluo CRM, if the Opportunity has been won, the integration returns the value of the sale and moves the Lead to the 'Customer' stage of the RD Station Marketing funnel. Once the Opportunity is given as lost in the Gluo CRM ('Lost Closed'), RD Station Marketing records in Lead's history that the Opportunity was lost along with the Opportunity number related to the Gluo CRM. Custom Fields Mapping in RD Station Marketing With the integration it is possible to map each Custom Field created in the RD Station Marketing with standard or customized fields in the CRM, from the configuration area of ​​integration with Gluo CRM.
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  • This app allows you to send legally based data from your leads to RD Station.

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