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Find out who are the best Leads to sell The Exact Spotter analyzes technical and situational factors of your Leads and informs which are the real Opportunities, and also helps in the sale, for example, bringing possible objections of Leads. Automate the passage of Leads to sales With the RD Station and Exact Spotter integration, you automate Workflows after the Lead qualification: If they are discarded by your sales development representatives, they get back to being nourished by RD Station Marketing. Otherwise you can follow in the selling process. With the latest version of the integration, you can connect RD Station Marketing to Exact Spotter more easily, with just a few clicks.

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Pipedrive is a CRM and pipeline management tool that helps you concentrate on actions that matter.

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Salesforce is a corporate platform to manage your sales and post-sales. Automate tasks, integrate and support managing the sales, marketing, and customer service areas.

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