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Agendor centralizes your company's customer base, manages your sales funnel, and extracts performance reports. Send opportunities to your sellers and convert your leads into customers. In the integration of RD Station Marketing with Agendor, Leads that are marked as an opportunity or convert to one or more events in RD Station Marketing, are sent directly to the sales funnel in Agendor. This way, your salespeople can handle the opportunities generated. Keep your RD Station Marketing up to date with the closed sales. When a sale is marked on the Agendor, this information is sent back to the RD Station Marketing, registering the sale on the Lead timeline and converting him into a Customer. This also happens when a sale is lost, however in this situation Lead is unmarked as an opportunity and no sale is sent to RD Station Marketing. This helps your company to find the best channels of acquisition, medium-ticket, sales cycle, and other metrics with RD Station Marketing.

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