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Technology platform for real estate containing CRM, APP, Rental Management, Finances Management and Sites

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Viva Real

Generate leads directly from Viva Real for RD Station Marketing and empower your communication strategies.

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Boost your blog's consumption and engagement with audio posts. Embeddable Player, narration, capture, and lead tracking packages.

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Vtiger Sales CRM

Vtiger CRM connects sales, marketing and technical support teams with RDSM so they can collaborate seamlessly.

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Webstore Plataforma de E-commerce

The Webstore is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create your online store simply and quickly.

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A complete platform for lead generation and WhatsApp message automation, making your company's communication more efficient.

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WiFire - VelociTI

WiFi Marketing Solution captures leads from WiFi and generates alerts to RD Station about customer presence in the physical environment.

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WisePops is a Pop-up builder.

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Wispot, social wi-fi that will integrate data from customers who have logged on the platform to facilitate contact with yours leads.

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