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Have an ERP integrated with the RD Station and organize and communicate better with your prospects. In integration it is possible to import into the business management system - VHSYS - the Leads generated by RD Station Marketing and treat them according to the stage in which they are in the Sales Funnel. It is also possible to send SMS to convert more Leads to clients. Integrate to Sales Funnel In integration, after importing Leads information into VHSYS, you can increase your sales by using the VHSYS Sales Hopper to select how each prospect will impact, creating a contact routine according to the stage where Lead is found. This way it is easier and faster to organize meetings, send emails and SMS, and schedule meetings and other activities with your business prospects. Sending SMS An effective way to communicate with your customers is by sending SMS. By synchronizing the RD Station Marketing Leads with VHSYS, you have the option to impact them via SMS. You fire dozens of text messages at the same time, with no hassle and low cost. Organize your contacts In this integration you can make more precise control of the Leads: in addition to knowing exactly what stage of the buying process the prospect is in, you also have other tools to communicate with them. You can also change the status and the step it is in. In this way it is possible to exclude the prospectus registration, convert it into a customer or include it in the top, middle or bottom of the VHSYS Sales Funnel.

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