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Prospect companies according to the ideal buyer person of your business UpMap allows you to hyper-segment your market, seeking contacts for your business. The solution is integrated with LinkedIn's online search to find specific information like company, valid email and contact position. Send the contacts to RD Station Marketing Once you get the contacts with upMap, automatically send them to RD Station Marketing and create Automation Workflows to help advance those potential customers on the purchase journey. The data that comes from upMap by default is name, phone, company and job tittle. Target these leads by position or by company, for example, and deliver customized messages to each of the buyer profiles, increasing your conversion rate. Create interest Outbound leads usually already come with the ideal profile to buy from your company but they have not yet developed the interest. Bring these Leads into RD Station Marketing and build a journey to create interest in your product or service. Get to know the market of your target audience. UpMap features a dashboard with several market data such as offices, segmentation by billing, growth over the last 10 years, and more. Your company can learn from this information and create better campaigns at RD Station Marketing.

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