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Superlógica Assinaturas

Superlógica Assinaturas

Payment Management

Automate the payment process of your customers. Superlogic helps automate the payment of recurring services, increasing the efficiency of your company and reducing the likelihood of errors during the process, and allowing the creation of communication rules for billet and credit card. You can integrate Superlógica to RD station and send/Synchronize leads/trials and clients from the Superlógica to RD station. You can also insert tags according to status in the Superlógica. From the Superlógica it is possible to create plans and coupons to leverage sales, in addition to facilitating the management of renewals, adjustments, upgrades, downgrades, and additional applications. The system also offers a dashboard with the main metrics you need to track the health of your business. Among them are recurring monthly revenue (MRR), growth rate and cancellation (churn), LTV (Lifetime value), average ticket and difference between losses and gains (Net MRR)-Updated in real time.
  • Created by: Superlógica Tecnologias

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