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Our Marketing automation solutions use artificial intelligence to record the navigation behavior of each visitor of your site, enabling the delivery of customized campaigns. The on-site and off-site channels of the Social Miner are focusing on optimizing the registration fees and increasing sales by engagement. Get more informations on your base Every 100 visitors that navigate your site, only 5% arrive at checkout. The Social Miner helps you identify the other 95%. Generate more engagement in your leads We use artificial intelligence to understand the purchasing behaviour of every visitor that passes through your site. Our algorithms choose the best content, the best time and the best channel for each connected person. Increase your conversions Our solution goes beyond impulse sale. While our algorithms work to understand the behavior of users, we use people Marketing strategies to humanize communication between brands and people.

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Loja Integrada

Loja Integrada is a Brazilian platform for the creation and management of ecommerces. With a few clicks, you can create your online store and start selling.

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AGEC is a flexible ecommerce platform to start and grow your online sales.

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An e-commerce platform that supports online operations for different sizes.

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