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Econodata is a full-fledged B2B prospecting platform, as it provides outbound and inbound prospecting tools and data from virtually all businesses in Brazil. Speed Up your sales process Accelerate your outbound prospecting by accessing a base of millions of companies in Brazil with pre-sales productivity tools. Accelerate your inbound prospecting by integrating your RD Station to Econodata. Your landing pages will generate more conversions because they will need fewer form fields. Qualify your leads automatically Your lead scoring will qualify more leads and your pre-sales team will be more assertive with more information from each lead. You even configure the moment the lead will have enriched his record. The lead will automatically receive several additional information such as: Company name, telephone, economic sector, website, company type and quantity of employees, among others. Every Econodata customer receives the support of a specialists in prospecting to design the most appropriate process for their business.
  • Languages: Portuguese

  • Created by: Econodata

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