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CRM Educacional

CRM Educacional


Transform your opportunities into enrolled When your leads reach the stage of opportunity they will be synchronized with the CRM Educacional that automatically schedules commercial actions such as calls, emails with discount coupons and alerts via SMS. Transform your leads/opportunities into subscribed and enrolled. Prove ROI of marketing actions The CRM Educacional is integrated with RD Station, enabling the complete closure of the captation cycle. By marking as "enrolled" in CRM, the system changes the lead stage to "customer", enabling you to analyze acquisition cost (CAC) and the result of your marketing actions, facilitating ROI's understanding. All this without the need to import and export spreadsheets between tools, which facilitates the work of professionals from the educational institution. Nourish The Lost Opportunities Designed exclusively for the educational segment, when an opportunity has not converted into enrollment, the lead left the "opportunity" stage in the RD Station, and can return to the nutrition workflows that can convert him into a student enrolled in other campaigns of the institution.
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